Application Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL

About the Client

Our client is an international logistics solution provider with arms extended across the world. Being an integral part of supply chain solutions, the client is flourishing trade through its door-to-door logistics solutions, interconnected global ports and terminals, free economic zones, and marine services.

  • Industry

    Supply chain management

  • Headquarters

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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  • The cost of database licencing and support was soaring remarkably
  • Migration from complex objects and queries of all its underlying applications were required without affecting the application modules.
  • Elimination of the risk of data access misconfigurations and performance degradation.


The migration of whole data to another RDBMS is quite challenging and time-consuming. Keeping in mind the requirements of the company, our expert migration team has investigated all object kinds and conversion methods and decided to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL. The usage of the right tools with the expertise of the team enabled faster schema migration and helped in implementing the migration and cost reduction techniques at a rapid pace.


  • The cost of database licensing and support was reduced by migrating the data to open source database PostgreSQL.
  • Successful migration of 30+ schemas, 40+ tablespaces, 8k database queries, more than 26k database objects, 200+ daily job scripts, and data without impacting the application modules.
  • Usage of the right data storage techniques enabled fast processing within a defined window and effective backup and recovery.
  • Streamlined 24*7 support through alerts and automation.
  • The conversion of source code for each and every database and its schemas was successfully maintained in a generic structure.
  • The creation of the different PostgreSQL clusters, databases in those clusters, underlying tablespaces, users, and roles, and deploying all the Schema objects across all the databases has now become easier with the execution of shell scripts.

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