Cloud Migration

Leverage the full potential of cloud computing with Tecorelabs quick and secured on-premise to cloud migration services.

Cloud is the key to innovate and grow your business faster.

Cloud technologies' role in transforming how organizations deliver applications continues to grow. With costs and security becoming a growing concern among organizations, TecoreLabs assists its clients in accelerating and transforming their business operations through seamless cloud migration solutions.

Our cloud migration services provide a comprehensive analysis of your current IT infrastructure, applications, and business processes to determine which workloads are suitable for migration to the cloud and assistance with the actual migration of your workloads to the cloud with minimal disruption to your business operations.

By simplifying all of the complexities, we help you accelerate migration and innovate faster by providing secure, cost-effective, and agile cloud services.

Increased data security

We'll help you with much stronger data security than traditional data centers.

Reduced latency

We’ll help you in reducing latency and increasing network communication speed.

Cost savings

We'll help you reduce the cost of your IT operations.

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Cloud Migration Benefits

Faster Innovation

Faster Innovation

Accelerating new innovations is easier with cloud computing. Without hardware constraints, it is easier to test new ideas and applications, thus allowing you to future-proof your organization.

Secured and compliant

Secured Compliant

Embed security into existing solutions, business processes, and operational teams to protect your most business-critical workloads and sensitive data in the cloud.

Minimal risk of failure

Minimal Risk Of Failure

Cloud service providers assure 99% uptime with no risk of failure, and workloads are automatically taken up with smooth and continuous operation in the event of a disaster.

Efficient cloud operations

Efficient Cloud Operations

The cloud enables you to effortlessly integrate the most recent technological advancements like analytics, automation, AI, and much more, resulting in considerable cost reductions of 30% to 50% for ongoing operations.

Improved scalability and agility

Improved Scalability Agility

The cloud gives you the power to control your resources and reshape your infrastructure and workloads to grow painlessly without impacting performance with improved efficiency.

Cloud Migration Process

Cloud Migration Methods

Re-host (lift or shift)

Move an application from an on-premises host to a cloud service with simple items that have minimal dependencies, low business impact, and no regulatory constraints.

Reduce your operational expenses by migrating to an operating system version based on CNaaS Platform Standards.
Improve the performance, security, and functionality of the application by updating components with specific upgrades, including Net and Java, among others.


“Cloud migration services” refer to the services that determine what, where, and how to migrate some or all of your databases and applications to the cloud.

To prepare your cloud migration strategy, consult TecoreLabs’ cloud migration experts. Our experienced and skilled cloud engineers with committed teams can help you realize a real impact on your organization. Connect with us, and let’s get started.

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