Storing Large files in Cloud at Scale


  • As a communication app, our client often tackles high upload failure rates for large files and strives to make it easy for users to access files to upload. Breaking of files—the cancellation of upload due to connection issues.
  • Our client needs a storage backend as well as a scalable solution with high availability and consistent performance. And it must be scalable with minimum management. The challenge is ensuring it’s there with 100 percent consistency, so no customer is ever disappointed.
  • To guarantee product images will look good and load fast on any platform.


With our vast experience in file management, Tecorelabs came up with a solution to use CDN on AWS for fast downloading of data, allowing uploading of a file using multiple chunks. Which enables to pause/resume upload process (using AWS library). We selected AWS because It’s a fantastic platform for building and scaling. It employs Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and the Amazon content delivery network to store and transport files, which are the foundations of its storage system.


Implementing the above solution led to:

  • Self-assurance in providing a very dependable file-transfer service.
  • Service deals with more than 100k total users who transfer files every day.
  • 100% accuracy in uploading the files (Any format).
  • Improved clarity of images and files.
  • Timeout issue when uploading Large Files from client to server was resolved, and would always upload the files.

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