Cloud Cost Optimization

About the Client

The client (Nynja) sought to reduce the cost of their cloud infrastructure (Google Cloud Platform). There had been a large increase in the cost of their cloud infrastructure, and they needed to make sure they weren’t overprovisioned. They mostly installed Virtual Machines on their own and for GKE node pools. The Tecore Labs team carried out the cost-cutting processes, which resulted in a 50% reduction in their monthly cloud cost bill from GCP.


The client was concerned about whether they were getting a good return on their cloud infrastructure investment.


The Tecore Labs team began with an initial assessment to determine the cost and infrastructure. Following the completion of the assessment, the findings were shared with the client in order to obtain authorization for necessary procedures to reduce the cloud infrastructure cost. Finally, cost optimization strategies such as Rightsizing, Auto-scheduling of non-production workloads, and so on were used.


The monthly cost of Cloud Infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform was reduced to 50% for the client.

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